Deploy Losant as a snap


Just curious if there are any plans to have a Losant deployment option “as a snap”.

Quoted: “A snap is a bundle of an app and its dependencies that works without modification across Linux distributions.”

In my opinion it would be great to have Losant as a snap, this way the Losant agent is updated with the Operating system. Updates are not as bandwidth intensive as you only download an increment of the original snap. I’m not going to mention all the advantages of snaps here, but I think it can be beneficial over using docker.

I could not find a Losant snap on Snapcraft yet: Snap search results for 'losant' — Linux software in the Snap Store

Also integration with Ubuntu core would be super easy if there was a Losant Snap.

It is just an idea, we haven’t 100% decided on Ubuntu core yet, but it makes the installation and updates of the Losant agent a lot easier.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the Gateway Edge Agent here? If so, we have discussed deployment options other than Docker, including as a Snap. However, it is a significant amount of work to add that support and we do not have anything on our short-term roadmap around this.

I will add a +1 to the Snap deployment option per your suggestion here. Thanks for the feedback.

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