Default filter ALL instead of ANY


it is a constant source of errors to have a default filter criteria of “ANY” in the filter editor when dealing with multiple filter criteria. I would expect a default behaviour that applies an “AND” operator to all criteria and not an “OR”. Especially when applied for update or delete operations, having a more defensive default filter could prevent bug search sessions and data loss.

Could you please change the default setting to “ALL”?

Best Regards

Thanks for the feedback @Marco_Bernutz! The change does make sense, especially for destructive actions. I’ll bring it up to the team and see what’s possible.

I totally support this - This has caught me several times when building out workflows.

Just wanted to let you know that, as of yesterday’s platform update, we’ve changed our default advanced query logical operator from “$or” (Match ANY) to “$and” (Match ALL) based on your feedback. This should not affect existing queries (such as in resource jobs and notebook inputs) and will only apply to newly created platform resources.

Thanks for the suggestion.