Data filter or Drilldown in dashboard


I need to do a data drill down, is there possible in Losant?
For exemplo, I have a table with machine id, load id, temperature and date/time;

1 - I load all data of the all machines and all loads; - ok
2 - I need show the data separate by machine and to each machine choose a machine load; I have to each machine many loads;

How can I do this in a dashboard?


Hello @Marcelo_Bohrer,

Would you be able to share some screenshots of what is currently working for you and what you are attempting to do?

1 - I load all data of the all machines and all loads; - ok

Can you tell me which dashboard block (or blocks) you are using to visualize this?

Are you looking for all of the blocks on your dashboard to update based on which machine you pick? If so, one of the options you have is to leverage Context Variables.

Any additional information you can provide will be very helpful!

Thank you,


I updated my load strategy. I created one device to each machine and a process to send data to each device created. It’s works fine for me;
In the dashboard I created a context variable to select the device what I want to see. It’s works fine again;
And last, I created a Header to put information the all devices;
Thanks a lot;

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