Getting values from one block to another Block

I have a dashboard with two blocks. First block is a custom HTML block and it contains a table with checkbox. Second block contains custom Chart block and it contains vega-lite v3 chart.

Now, I required to send the selected data from first block table to be send to second block (chart), so that the chart will display data based on the selection from table.

Checked with context variable, but it requires separate page for each variable used and this wont help in my case. I dont want to change the pages and it has to be be updated instantly.

Kindly let me know, how this could be achieved.

Hi @Renuka_I and welcome to the Losant forums!

It sounds like your best option will be to use a Device List Block (or possibly a Data Table Block). Using custom columns, you can get pretty close to the same display you have now, except you would be using links (not checkboxes) that, on click, set the context variable.

We’ll log a feature request for our team to evaluate exposing a new variable with methods that can set context variables. I’ll update this thread if any updates are made on that front.

Once again, welcome to the Losant forums!

Thank you for the reply. I understand Device List Block. Here, it displays the data in list. But actually I want to pass data from one block to another. Is it possible between HTML block and custom chart block. If possible how do we achieve that.