Dashboard Input Button Sizing

Hi folks, I’m using a button tied to a workflow. It works great, the only issue I have is that the sizing is a little funny when I place it in the dashboard. Seems there is a margin issue in the controls. I’ve tried resizing it in the preview window but couldn’t get it right. Is there a trick to this? I’m attaching 2 screenshots that hopefully show what I mean. I’d like the width of the input widget to match the width of the button more closely. Thanks!

Steve G, Rigado

As you’ve shown, the button is set to be half the width of the block and cannot be resized independently from the block. This is intended functionality, but I can appreciate that it might not deliver optimal aesthetics for all dashboard layouts. Thanks for the feedback - I’ll send this along to the team for review!

Thanks, figured that was the case. Would be a nice enhancement but will live with it for now.