Custom Broker / REST URL

Hi all,

I’m hoping I can set a custom MQTT Broker Address for incoming device states, and a custom REST API URL for API requests?

Can you think of a way this could be achieved?

Many thanks.

Hey @ChrisGM,

Could you tell me a little more about your use case? Are you looking to do something like this to make your application customer-facing?

While you can sort of get the REST API URL part close with our Experience API, it is still using the default Losant platform with a custom domain you set up yourself.

As for the MQTT broker URL, there is possibly a way with some TCP Proxying, but is generally not something we suggest.

Losant does, though, support Whitelabeling as a contract option. I can put you in contact with a sales representative to discuss cost if you’d like.

Thank you,

Hi @Heath,

Use case is correct, client facing application which has been branded.

I’ll look into the experience API to see if this fits the bill. The requirement is only for a couple REST calls, not the full set.

TCP Proxying could be worth exploring, however I don’t think it would suit this application for security reasons.

I’ll drop our sales contact a message to discuss.

Many thanks

Hi @Heath,

Just an update.

Using the link provided as a guide, I’ve implemented the API functionality I needed using the experience API and Authentication node.

Thanks for your help.

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