Crypto functions in workflows


It would be helpful to have a workflow node for performing cryptographic functions, specifically for verifying webhook signatures. In our case, we have an experience endpoint set up to process Stripe webhooks, which come with a signature that should be verified with an HMAC using SHA256.

For now, the 2 solutions I could come up with without a workflow crypto node are:

  1. call an external service (e.g. AWS Lambda function) that does the verification
  2. embed an implementation of SHA256 into a function node, which I don’t think is the intended use of the function node.

For now we’ll probably use option (1), but it would be nice not to have to wait on an external service.


We were actually just discussing this feature internally last week, and deciding what hashing or crypto functions we should make available in a dedicated node. Besides SHA256, are there any others that you would specifically want?


SHA256 is the main one for us right now. I could potentially see MD5 being useful to have if we eventually are able to send files in emails or something like that, but it’s not something we would make use of at the moment.