Connection error using the GEA

Hi there,
I’m running the GEA on a RevPi connect+ to monitor a PLC.
The RevPi has two ethernet ports and I use one to connect it to the internet via a 4G modem, and the other port is connected to a switch (as well as the PLC).

I have deployed a workflow onto the edge device but when I open the live debug, I get a connection error after a few seconds:

Also, the edge compute device seems to be connected:

But the device log says otherwise:

Initially the edge compute device wouldn’t connect altogether, so I stopped, removed and ran the container again. It did connect but I’m getting the problem described above. I have tried to reboot the device, the container starts on reboot correctly but I’m still having the connection error.

Any idea where I should look?

The debug stream failing to connect is completely independent of whether the device itself is connected to the platform. The process works as follows …

  • When you Live Look at an Edge Compute device in the UI, your browser opens a Server Sent Events stream to the platform back end.
  • On receipt of that request, Losant publishes a message on an MQTT topic that the device automatically subscribes to, telling the device to begin publishing debug messages for your chosen workflow.
  • The device then begins publishing debug messages on an MQTT topic. (If the device were not connected to the platform, the stream would still open but the device would of course fail to publish any messages.)
  • The cloud broker then forwards those messages on to the open HTTP request you established in your browser, and those reach you as Server Sent Events.

So for your particular case, it appears that your network setup is not allowing SSE streams at all, since both the workflow debug log and the device log (and probably your application live log on the app overview page) are failing to connect.

One other possibility is that, perhaps, you have multiple Losant tabs open and they are all opening streams? Browsers have a limit on the maximum number of concurrent connections per domain, and that could be preventing this new stream from connecting if so.

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Hey @Dylan_Schuster,
You are correct, thanks for your pointers. The device is actually working fine, I had just installed NordVPN and didn’t notice my debug stream was not working since then.
I’ll reach out to them and see how I can keep the feed coming while using their VPN.