Connection botletics sim7000 FONA to Losant mqtt

Arduino Mega 256 developing in Arduino IDE.

I’m able to use an ethernet or wifi card with the LOSANT libraries, but not the fona device. (Sim 7000)

I’m able to use the Sim7000 with the Adafruit fona libraries to connect to AIO, but not Losant.

I’m looking for an example uses the fona device with Losant.

I’d settle for a cellular device that supports Hologram and is supported by Losant libraries.

I’ve missed a turn somewhere and could use a point in the right direction.

Hi @Charlie_Dawes!

Welcome to the Losant Forums,

Looking at that hardware on GitHub, it says MQTT working with SIM7000 and SIM808. While our library is based on the WiFi client, you can always use a generic MQTT library and follow our MQTT specifications.

On the other hand, if you would like to use Hologram, they have an integration into Losant that is based on Losant Webhooks.