Changing objects to fore/background and add polyline for node connections

I would like to be able to set certain boxes/connections as background/foreground so I can have lines running in front of certain nodes to see where they go or have lines I don’t care about as much behind nodes so I can see what it says on the node. It can tend to get a little cluttered.

Another feature that would be cool is the ability to adjust the lines so I can have them arc way out of my workflow and back in so I don’t have to see them and I can move them around nodes I want to see. Like and adjustable poly line.

Hey @Jackson_Miller,

I just want to make sure that I’m on the same page with you. You’re looking for a better way to move the paths in the workflow, as well as be able to put nodes/paths in the foreground or background so that workflow paths could go underneath or above other nodes?

I will make this feature request for you, and will keep you updated as I learn more about it!

Thank you,

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Yes that would be great as well as the ability to edit lines so they don’t always go directly to a block and I could drag them to manipulate the shape i.e. editing a “polyline”

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