Workflow WIP request

Is there a way to save work in progress workflows WITHOUT having all the nodes required fields filled out? There should be an option on the Save & Deploy button to just Save. Even if a node is incomplete. Unless I’m missing something we have to make sure each node is perfect before saving the entire workflow. This means someone could spend 30 minutes dropping nodes onto the page to rough out a workflow but not be able to step away with an incomplete node without having to delete it if one of the require fields is missing from it.

It would be nice to be able to drop an incomplete node to roughly visualize the flow, save it, step away, and come back to the work.

I was just thinking about a “Draft” mode on workflows that would solve this, but currently you are correct, all errors must be resolved before a workflow can be saved. You’re not the first person to ask for this. We’ll brainstorm some options.

Nice, yeah would be very useful

Would like to add a feature to this request.
Design mapping. For example kind of section identifiers to label certain parts of workflows. Maybe sticky notes or frames overlays that dont do anything other than help organize complex workflows.