Bulk resolve events seems to have stopped working



It appears that resolve events at the “Events” level - all events or based on a selection criteria have stopped working. When resolving suggests the action works, however the open events are not affected.

We can resolve individual events by selecting them first then resolving.

This is the same across multiple accounts.




Tim, I am not seeing the issue you describe. If you were operating on a large set of events, it’s possible the operation got spun off onto a job that had not yet completed by the time you wrote this post.

If you’re still not seeing your events bulk-resolved, can you please give us a little more information on where the issue is occurring and some steps to reproduce? e.g. Is there a specific filter you’re applying prior to clicking “Resolve”?


Hi Dylan

It was only 3 events with or without a filter. WIll see if I can find the next example, and not clear and send you details.