Bug Dashboard on button "jump specific data/Time"

Hello, when a i click the next buttons
My page reload 5 or 4 times and If i click the checkbox reload my page with the date in the input, don’t let me change it.
Any idea? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing the behavior you are describing; is it possible to get a screen recording of the bug in action?

Can you also let me know what browser and operating system you are using?

Is this happening on all dashboards or just a particular one? And if it’s a specific one, can you provide the dashboard ID? (You can PM that to me if you’d prefer.)

Hi Dylan, my browser is Google Chrome and my operating system is Windows 10. This happening in all dashboard. i cannot send you a screen recording, i haven’t permissions if you give me permissions i will send you a screen recording. But, basically the bug is that if i change the
date period all the page reload until the date period in the dashboard is “now”. In a particular dashboard reload all times

I’m still trying and between page reload i could take this screenshot that maybe help
I try en firefox, chrome and edge and i have the same problem

Hey @Jonathan_Calderon,

When you mentioned i haven’t permissions if you give me permissions do you mean that our forums are not letting you post a video?


Hi Heath. Sorry i understood that Dylan want the mp4 video but i see that i can upload like a zip. Sorry, can i send you the zip with the video by PM?


A zip with the video via PM works fine. I"ll keep an eye out for the PM.


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Thanks Heath, i will be waiting for your answer. This problem keeps me worry

Hi again Heath, i solved the problem. My system time was 14:35 that is wrong because here the time is 13:35. So i fix the hour of my system and the dashboard work fine. I think that the problem is that the dashboard try to access an a time that is in the future and this make that fail