Best way to store trouble codes?

I’m collecting trouble codes from machines and trying to figure out the best way to store them in the platform.

Each time I sample, there can be from 0 to N trouble codes in effect. Each of the N trouble codes has 6 number parameters associated with it.

It’s a bit awkward to store them as attributes as my only option is to choose a maximum number of codes to represent, say K. Then I have many attributes code0_param0, code0_param1, code0_param2, code0_param3, code0_param4, code0_param4, code0_param5, code 1_param0, code1_param1 . . . . . all the way up to code codek_param5. It gets messy pretty quickly.

Is there a better way?

Hi @paul_wareham,

Just one question to help me answer for your use case, how are you accessing and using this data? Are you presenting it in a dashboard or exporting it? I was thinking Data Tables may be useful since you always have six attributes and N number of trouble codes, but this will depend on how you are using the data.


@JuliaKempf we use the data to present on an experience page to show a table active trouble codes as well as a history of recent codes. Additional we can trigger notifications when a code is generated and send a copy of those codes via email or sms.

They don’t represent sensor information so there is no gauge or aggregation used.




Have you considered storing them as Events? We just pushed a major update to them. You can associate Events to Devices, add additional metadata, and a complete history of changes.

For more:

That’s an interesting idea. I hadn’t considered that.

Wha do you think would me the Pros and Cons versus other methods?

What do you think @JuliaKempf ?