Attributes with 2 numbers


I have sensor values which have numbers, but ever sensor value in my system (dozens) has a unique address from the device that generated the data. We need to track the value of the sensor as well as a second number representing its address. The address is a decimal number from 0-255.

Ideally, it would be clean to update the device state with an attribute that is a vector [number, address]. I know there are no vectors or arrays as attributes but is there a workaround to neatly tie them together without having to create 2 number attributes for each sensor?


Vectors (or Tuples) has been something we’ve been investigating for a while. The difficulty on our end is how to make it easy to visualize and process (workflows) arbitrary vector data.


In our case we don’t really need much visualization on those. But for others you could do x,y or x,y,z charts and leave it at that.

Food for thought.



At this point, would my only option me to have a separate attribute key/value like this?


I can’t store JSON strings to as a string attribute I assume?


Generally I use two attributes.

You can put a JSON string in a string attribute if you want, but Losant doesn’t natively understand that anywhere for visualizations or the data aggregations.