Problem with storing data

Hello! I have some trouble storing data. I currently have a workflow that is:
Particle -> Device Get -> Conditional{ {{}} === ‘Temperature’ } -> Device state for temperature AND Device state for humidity -> Debugger.

I can view the data coming in the debugger. I can also view it in table format on my dashboard + on graph BUT only as a livestream, not as historical data!

I’m clueless here. I can see the data and it is being shown in various places, but I want to store it :slight_smile:

edit1: picture of dashboard:

edit2: I’m using Particle Photon integration if that helps. I might have to switch to regular webhooks if I can’t get it to work / no one answers this thread.

I fixed it. Under Device Attributes I had datatypes set to “String” because I thought the data was being sent from the Photon was treated as String value all the way( Particle.publish(“Humidity”, String(humidity));. Anyways this fixed the problem.