AWS S3 put to folders inside S3 bucket


I need some help to put csv files to S3 bucket , inside folders.

EG- I need to put files to s3://smo-re/smo/datalanding/Lossant/Presence/ , where smo-re is root bucket and rest is folder structure inside the bucket.

I am able to put files to root bucket (smo-re) , but not in folder.

Should I define somewhere in Losant the folder structure ?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Yes, you can and should be defining the directory for where to place the file within Losant. Assuming you are using the AWS S3: Put Node, the Bucket Name would be smo-re and the rest of the path goes in the File Name input: /smo/datalanding/Lossant/Presence/the-csv-file-name.csv.