Time Series: Total Data Backup to S3

Hi, I am trying to backup all of our device time-series data to an S3 bucket using workflows. I have two questions regarding help needed. If this isn’t possible given the current platform, please let me know.

  1. In the time-series node, in the “CONFIGURATION” section I see you can select an attribute, but is there a way to get more than one attribute (all of them)?

  2. I read through the template documentation, but still couldn’t figure it out. What is the best way to write a payload, with many sub-attributes (e.g. data.result has many keys under it, then many keys under those) , out to a file? I know I can literally walk through each template form, but there are many of them. Is there a simpler way to do this?

Losant has built-in support to backup all device data to an S3 bucket using Application Archiving. Would that work?

Yea, I can give it a try. Can you help me understand the Bucket Template field?

Also, I am able to connect to my S3 bucket in workflows, but I am failing connection when using the Data Archive functionality.

The Bucket Template field is the name of your S3 Bucket. So in the screenshot below, the bucket name is “btc-losant”.

Yea, it’s still not working, which is odd. I am using the same parameters from my workflow (which writes to the bucket) in the archive template fields (even tried using application globals). Still does not work.

Checking to see if it’s a permissions issue, as I now know that the Data Archive and Workflow S3-Put require different S3 permissions.

Will reply to this thread.