Auto creation of Attributes

Is there a way I could auto create attribute names based on topics coming in via MQTT, or would I have to create a workflow doing that for me? Or is that even possible?

It requires a workflow. You’d get the device and then compare its current attributes to what was reported. If the attribute doesn’t exist, you’d then update the device with the new attribute.

In a similar vein, is there a way to update the values of attributes without causing a state trigger? I have a dashboard I’m trying to update with periodic weather data and the Device: State node seems to be the only way to set attribute values. I don’t really need a state trigger for this.

Hi @Jason_Farque,

Attributes can only be updated by reporting state, and a state report will fire any Device State Trigger for that device. If you would like to update your device with periodic weather data, but not trigger your workflow, you can make use of filtering within the Device: State Node. You can trigger on specific attributes and limit triggers using the payload age filter.

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.