An attribute is not working

Hello, I have a device with 17 attributes, but I can only use 16. For some reason, one of the attributes does not allow me to assign or receive the value of its state! When I publish 16 attribute states, I see through the device state report that only 15 attributes were accepted.

And in the workflow when I use the Device: GET block, even selecting for the Composite State to include all attributes I get only 16 attributes, they all have the same characteristics, they are numbers! We can see the problem in the image below:

Hey @Gabriel_Thabet,

I recommend watching the Application Communication Log or the Device Communication Log while reporting the attributes. If one of the values is being rejected, it will show up in that log.

Here’s an example log entry where a string was reported to a number attribute:

Hello Brandon,

The problem is not related through the Application Communication Log or Device Communication Log, because these logs ignore mine, do not reject or present the attribute that the attribute was received! This must be a bug because I confirm the receipt of the attribute through the workflow debug, however the Application and Device logs ignore the attribute!

The log does not report any rejection of attributes, but simply ignores the attribute, even though this attribute is already registered on the device.

While writing this post I discovered the problem, there was a typo in the DInt attribute of the Device: State block, in my workflow, which caused the attribute to not be recognized! I’m posting just to help anyone who may encounter this problem, you can close this post and give it as solved. Thanks.