API JSON Endpoint working on dev, but not prod

Hi there,

In my application I’ve send up an endpoint that sends an asynchronous request to an Endpoint when a user visits a page. The data is then returned as JSON and used client-side to power some manipulations of the DOM. Pretty straight forward stuff.

However, while this worked in our develop version of the app, it’s getting a 504 Gateway Timeout on prod client-side (so, the browser). What’s even stranger to me is that the Workflow debug logs show that the Endpoint is handling the request and returning the appropriate JSON – so server-side everything seems to be fine. Any idea of what the issue could be? In case this helps, the URLs I use are in the format of /this/is/the/path/to/my/resource, so no prefix with the protocol, domain, etc.


Can you send me some steps to reproduce the issue? You can PM me this information …

  • A URL where the issue is occurring - and, if you have a URL for the develop version where this is working, that too.
  • If necessary, please set up an Experience User for us to log in with (you can use support@losant.com) and send the password via PM.