Any possiblities to call experience work flow from Edge work flow?


step 1 :I have created experience work flow(http post method)
step 2 :I got data from serial read node in edge workflow.
Here I need to pass my data to experience work flow using edge http node.Is this

Sivasankari S

Hi @sivasankari_s,

It is possible to trigger an Experience Workflow from an Edge Workflow, you can find documentation on using Endpoints here. The available triggers for Experience Workflows are the Virtual Button and the Endpoint Trigger, the Endpoint Trigger can be fired with an HTTP Node in the Edge Workflow. You can find more helpful documentation here and here.


Thank you very much Julia.
your prompt reply was super helpful for me.

Now Experience workflow triggering continuously from Edge work flow.this feature is
really excellent idea.

Sivasankari S