Ability to match padding due to multiple scales in a different graph



I have another feature request. We chart a lot of values in a series of charts however we often want some in seperate charts stacked vertically. This allows use to easily see different sets in unison, without having a chart that is too cluttered and have to turn particular series off.

For instance

So in the top graph you have level, and various pressures. In the lower we see RPM.

However due to the fact we have multiple verticle scales the chart bodies do not in fact line up.

So here is the request, it would be really nice to be able to specify a padding in a chart to be the equivalent of n scales.
So in my example setting padding to 3, in the lower chart would add right most padding of the same thickness as having 3 sets of vertical scales.

The would then mean the the chart bodies do line up.

Oh and whilst I have your attention :wink: I have raised this before - our RPM figures will be -32767 when the ECU is turned off, filtering values (previous request) or clipping on the X axis if the value falls of the viewable Y axis range. Notice how the RPM fall off the bottom of the chart. These are all -32727 value. But the same applies if we only want to chart 1200-1300 rpm. So clipping would be nice.