Written version of the videos?

HI all, I just watched the video on the workflow mechanics on the Losant University, and it is quite useful. I really appreciate the time and effort that went into it, especially since they combine the information from the different bits of documentation into a single narrative. But personally I really prefer written form information over videos, just because it is way quicker to find sspecific information. I rarely watch a tutorial video that has new information for me from start to finish, and the same is true here. I just look for more specific bits of new information, and having to watch a full video for it, takes more time then it would take on a written article. Also, the video is usually not indexed well by search engines so doesn’t come up in search results, even if the answer is in there. Just google “losant forking branching”, both of which are explained in the video but don’t come up in the google search results. So is there a written article version of the information in Losant university? That would really help people that know how to write software but want to know how something specific is implemented in Losant.

Thanks for the feedback. Sadly we do not have the Losant University courses available as written material, but I will pass this request along to our education team.

We do have a number of tutorial blog posts and how-to guides that cover several topics - not to mention our product documentation. If there is a specific topic you would like to see covered, please let us know. We can produce that kind of content much quicker than university courses.

Hi Dylan,
Cool thanks. Just to clarify better, what I am specifically looking for is something in between very specific howtos, and the very comprehensive product documentation.
The product documentation seems centred on a specific node, screen, page or feature. I happily use it all the time for questions like “what does this function do specifically”. Especially if you know already what you’re looking for, it explains the specifics very well.

The how-tos seem to be focused on achieving one very specific goal with end-to-end instructions. Because they are written, not videos, I can just skip over the parts I understand, which is great if they happen to cover a topic with overlap with what I am working on. But I think its impossible to write full how-tos for everything.

The losant university seems to cover more high-level topics explaining the Losant architecture with topics like “Workflow mechanics” and “globals and storage”. Those are the interesting topics for me because they explain more what the architecture of Losant is, and how I am intended to use it. There might be implementation details or features that i am overlooking when I am building an application that might be covered by those modules and help do it better. But because they are video only, I have to watch all the videos end-to-end to decide whether they are valuable for me. Which is time consuming. A written form specifically would help there.