Where is the losant.h library


I am first time using losant site. Where and how for me to download the losant.h library to my Arduino ide. I am lost and the examples does no show me how to load it to the IDE. I am beginner so need all the help I can get.



Hi @Chen_Tea!

No worries we can help. If you are having environment issues, the best place to start would be:


In this doc, we outline all the steps necessary to set up your Arduino IDE.

If you need me to explain more, I’d be happy to do so.



It does not show how to download the Losent.h library to the Arduino IDE. I done all that and it only show how to download the ESP8266 board and connect to the Arduino IDE using Serial. But still not Lusent library link.



Here is the information I think you need:

I just took a screenshot of the documentation I sent in the previous message. On this step, You download the Losant Arduino Library, which includes the Losant.h file. Once you download the library and add it as a zip to the IDE, the header file will be properly included.



After I add the master.zip to the library now I got “ArduinoJson.h” library missing error. Where does this comes from? See below




I recommended taking a look at the Environment Instructions again,


It takes you through installing the ArduinoJson and PubSubClient libraries you’ll need to successfully run the firmware. Running through all the steps in the environment instructions should provide the fixes you need.

Normally, if you see a “library missing error” it means dependencies you need are missing. Arduino has a Library manager that takes care of all the hard work for you.