What would be the reason that i can not get my ESP32 connected to losant platform?

Wifi connected !
Got IP address but ESP32 is not getting connected to losant platform? What would be the issue ? my home router ? or any other settings ?

losant_exmaple.zip (1.8 KB)

Hello @Custos.us,

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You can check out this post to see if the code there helps you. A quick gist of what could be happening:

…prior to 2019, the root CA that Losant’s certificate chained down to came on the ESP32 by default. In 2019, some changes were made and that was no longer the case. Now, to use a secure connection to Losant, you either need to set the root CA on the device, or not verify the certificate coming from the server (not really that secure).

Please let me know if this works for you.

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Thank you very much it helped a lot. The problem was on our network actually, and we were able to resolve the issue quickly because of your help!