Weird behaviour in CSV write

Hi there,
this is strange, why the CSV function block converts the time string into a linux epoch format?

I don’t see any option in the CSV block that can enable/disable this behavior.
I just want simply to keep the date time as a string.

The data returned by the Data: Time Series Node has the time value in EJSON $date format - which, when encoded into a CSV string as you’ve discovered, falls back to an Epoch millisecond timestamp.

An easy working would be to drop a Function Node between your Data: Time Series Node and the CSV: Encode Node with the following content: = => {
    return {,
        time: new Date(pt.time).toString()

Depending on what string format you want that time value to be in, you could swap that toString() out for one of the other built-in date string methods, or construct your own using the other methods exposed on the object.