Was there a Losant outage yesterday?

We’ve been running fine on the platform and yesterday our devices started acting up at random, and now today everything is fine. I’m wondering if something was happening at Losant?

@Steve_Ermish based on all of our system metrics, life was smooth-sailing at Losant yesterday. FYI you can always check https://status.losant.com for a list of past and current incidents, and if there is an in-progress incident, you will see a notification banner at the top of the user interface detailing the issue.

If you can tell me a little more about how the devices “started acting up at random”, I may be able to figure out what specifically was going on in your case? For example, were they frequently disconnecting from the MQTT broker? The more detail, the better.

Hi thanks @Dylan_Schuster I will pass along to our internal team to see if they can provide any additional detail. And thanks for the status URL!