Validate payload node doesn't implement const validation

The const validator in json schema is (similar to enum) used to specify that a specific property can only contain a single constant value. This isn’t implemented in losant (while enum does work as expected),
If I setup the following json schema:

    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
        "const_test": {
            "const": "const value"
        "enum_test": {
            "enum": ["valid1","valid2","valid3"]

and then send it this payload:

    "const_test": "wrong const value",
    "enum_test": "valid1"

It validates just fine, while it shouldn’t, as can be seen here: Newtonsoft

Hey @Dolf_Andringa,

We support JSON Schema v4 and it looks like const was added in v6.

I did add a ticket to add our supported version to the docs. I’ll also add a ticket to investigate updating our supported JSON Schema version.

As you noted, the workaround is to use enum with a single value.