Using Losant with HTTP (not HTTPS) or how use it with Android 4.04 browsers not supporting 'new' HTTPS?

First post here, did not find any previous post about this question.

Is it possible somehow to use Losant through plain HTTP, thus not HTTPS?

Reason for this is that I have an old 13.3" e-ink display laying unused and it would be great for e.g. a weather display using Losant.
It has Android 4.04 and a quite old browser version which is not supporting many HTTPS servers, e.g. Losant’s, I’m not able to login from the device. I can’t download new browser versions from Google Play anymore, it might though be possible to sideload APK-files if that would help.
I know this is a long shot, but thought to ask anyhow.

Edit: Found out that the Android version is 4.04. Teoretically possible to update the firmware to 4.4.2 with a good chance of bricking it, and no support is available. But perhaps Android 4.4.2 would not solve my issue?

Hey @Thomas_Vikstrom,

Welcome to the Losant Forums, we’re super happy to have you!

Losant is only able to be served over HTTPS. We do this for security purposes.

I am, though, interested in knowing how Losant would look on an e-ink display! Keep us updated if you are able to get it working!

Thank you,

Thx @Heath for the reply. I have another e-ink display with Android 6 and new enough browser version where Losant is working alright. As that display is being used for work and studying, I can’t though hang it on the wall.
I’ll see if I’m able to find and sideload some browser APK’s to the old e-ink reader, perhaps HTTPS is better supported in some newer versions that would work on Android 4.04.