Twitter post error

My app is throwing a generic error that the virtual button as described in the setup to tweet, does not.

  "name": "Error",
  "message": "Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations through"

Is the above error on my twitter account end or connecting via Structure?

I’m getting the same message. I’d love a resolution from the team on what’s going on.


That’s what I was expecting…

I’m getting the same error as well.

Sorry guys! We got notified by Twitter that our app has been restricted, likely due to the number of people signing up. We’re working with their support to get it fixed. The kit instructions page has been updated with a workaround. Basically as long as your Structure account is linked to your Twitter account, you can tweet from any client you choose - we’ll still be able to find you.

@Brandon_Cannaday so if we connected successfully, but tweeted manually we’re good to go?

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Yep. We have a tool that watches Twitter looking for tweets with #builderkit and @GetStructure. We then match the Twitter user to the Structure linked account to find you. As long as the accounts are linked, doesn’t matter how you tweet.

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I sent a manual tweet on the 23rd since Structure was being throttled, but haven’t received any response. I’ve also confirmed my account is linked.

I have heard from others that they were contacted for shipping information. Do you know how long I can expect to wait for a response? Thanks.

Greg can you send me an email at We’ll get this hunted down.


Sent. Thanks Charlie.

HI, I have sent a manual tweet on the 25th but haven’t received a response yet too. Should I have to wait a little bit more?

Jorge, I’m double checking everything. However, please check your junk or spam mail just to be sure. We’ve had a few people find their email there.

I’ve just check my junk folder but it wasn’t there too. I’m just wait for you to double check then.
Thanks Charlie


It looks like you’re twitter account is private so we can’t verify the tweet. However, not a big deal. I just manually verified your account. Should be getting an email now.

I get a different error. Mine is “Could not authenticate you.”

I followed the Structure Builder Kit instructions but my workflow doesn’t tweet. I finally tweeted the hashtags manually.

I haven’t received an email as well. I also went to my twitter account to make sure it was not private. Can someone please verify my account so that i may get a shipping email. Checked my junk /spam also.


Double checked everything and manually verified your account. You should get an email now about shipping information. Sorry for the delay.

Ditto to everything Ron said; does my twitter email need to match my Structure email? Thanks!

Dan, I’m taking a look at it now. It looks like the marketing system didn’t sync correctly so I’ll have to manually update it. You should get an email today about shipping info.

Thanks so much, appreciate the assistance!

You should be good to go now. Expect an email shortly.