Tweets as input for applications



I think that it would be nice if you can enable tweets as an input for an application workflow.
You can think about an input where you specify some hashtag to listen on. Once a tweet if published on this hashtag, that will initiate the workflow and transmit the tweet content and the author as “data” for the payload.
I developed already something like that in Java, that was straightforward and useful



That’s an awesome idea. We’ve been poking at that a little. When you implemented it using Java, which part of Twitter’s API did you use to easily get the stream of hashtag results?


I played with the Stream API using Twitter4j. The idea was to use the social media as sensors. For example use the tweets to predict the natural disasters.


IFTTT Twitter channel can monitor a search term, and trigger Losant webhook for each new tweet through Maker channel.
It should be easy to implement, but the payload is limited to what IFTTT gives as “ingredients”, you can’t get the tweet as JSON.

I’m currently working on a time-triggered workflow that invokes Twitter REST API with an HTTP node, so that full JSON is retained and can be filtered as necessary.