Turn off a workflow node

I have a somewhat complex workflow that writes data to a table. Is there a way to temporarily turn off a individual workflow node? I want to be able to turn on/off the Table:Insert node as needed. I see I can disable an entire WF but not one node.

Hi there,

There is not currently a way to turn off a specific node, but I will make a feature request for this functionality. For now, if there is a value on your payload that determines if data is added to the table, I would recommend routing your workflow away from the Table: Insert Node with a data node. If there is a determinate value on your payload, some nodes to check out would be the Conditional Node, the Switch Node, or possibly a Latch Node. These nodes are helpful if you can use your payload values to determine when data goes into the Data Table. In addition, if this is a case where you would like to switch it off whenever you’d like, you can always manually remove the connector between the two nodes.