Switch Node failing to meet the case


Need to understand why the switch is not honoring the case of status

The conditional statement using the same {{ data.body.request.intent.slots.listOfCommands.value }}

works fine…


It looks like you may have a leading space in front of "status".

  • "status"
  • " status"

Can you double-check that field for any trailing or leading white space and see if that helps resolve the issue?

Sorry no blank prior to status… Tried zillion of cases ===“status”, “status”, status, =status… I agree it should be ‘status’ based on the docs… does not work… maybe should log out back in… Got the problem yesterday with webhook supplying the wrong data… Logged out back in… everything worked fine

Thanks for all the help

Based on the screenshot, everything appears to be configured correctly. As a test, I placed the same value at the same payload path to try the Switch Node myself.

I’ll open up a DM with you to obtain further information useful for debugging that you may not want to share publicly.