Static value of a device

Hello Losant team!

I want to know the best practice for this problem.
I have a value that i need to store but this value is stored one once and when the attribute that has the value reaches 30 days this value is removed. I think that save like a tag is a correct solution, but i want to know what do you guys think.

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PD: The value is a numeric constant that i need to use in a function

@Jonathan_Calderon I’m still a little unclear on the use case but storing the value on a device tag (assuming it’s associated with a device) seems like the way to go. However …

PD: The value is a numeric constant that i need to use in a function

You could also manage the value in workflow storage using a Storage: Set Value and Storage: Get Value Node, if it’s being referenced in the workflow engine.

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Hi Dylan. thanks for the reply.
Basically, the value is a coefficient specific to each device and must be entered by the user.
This value is typically added once and is unlikely to change after that.

I hope this clarfies a bit :slight_smile:

In that case, yes, I’d definitely store it as a tag on the device.

One question - can this value be set by multiple users, and should the value be specific to each user? If so, I would recommend a different approach - either storing the value as an Experience User tag or building a data table with to hold that information per device per user.

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No, the value isn’t specific to each user. It can be changed by any user who has access to the dashboard.

Thanks for the help Dylan :slight_smile: