[Solved] Passing text input value into workflow


I want to utilize text input string in my workflow.I am unable to do so please provide solution.



Hi, I don’t quite understand what it is you’re trying to do within the platform. Can you provide some more information on what you have now and what you are trying to accomplish? If screenshots would help explain, please include them in your reply and I’ll try to help you solve your issue.




HI,Thank you for your time basically i am making dashboard for sigfox backend.I am stuck at one point.All i want to do is to enter data in text input box and that data will be further process in my workflow function and after that it will be transmitted but i am unable to fetch data which i am entering in text input bar.I want to utilize the string in my code that i have enter in “downlink message control menu”



I think I understand what you’re trying to do. Try the following:

  1. In the workflow you are trying to trigger, add a Virtual Button node and hook it up to the other nodes to run.
  2. Return to your dashboard, and edit that Input Controls block you’re referencing in your screenshot.
  3. You will have to add a button to the block. Configure the button to Trigger Workflow and select your workflow / virtual button as the one to trigger.
  4. In the “Payload” field, you will need to construct an object to pass as the payload that will run within the workflow. In your case, you want to pass the value of that text input into the workflow, so assuming your input name is “text”, you would set the value of the payload field to be { "text": "{{text}}" }
  5. Finally, in your workflow, you can access the value of that input field at the payload path of data.text.

Now, when you click the button in your dashboard block, it will take the value of the text input at that point and pass it over to the workflow.

Please let me know if this solves your issue and if you have any other questions!

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thank you so much you are great help.I will implement this.



same result instead of putting value it is putting its name



You need to set that payload within the button on the dashboard block, not the virtual button within the workflow.

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thank you its working



Glad to hear! I’ll close this issue, but if any other problems arise please let us know.