[Solved] PageData in Custom Experience Views

Over the past few months I’ve come to understand Experience Views using Dashboards but I’m attempting to create a device list using the Custom view and a Data Table where I am adding additional info to the device. The Workflow looks good as far as I can tell:

If I understand correctly, the Data Table info I’m putting in data.devices should be exposed by putting that in the Page Data Source.

However, when I go to the Experience view and refresh the actual page I’ve created, the context PageData is empty. Why?

The reason you’re not seeing the payload data is because you have the endpoint /devices-custom configured to render the List Device (Custom) page as a static reply. That option will override the workflow that’s also attempting to render the same page. You’ll need to change the Reply Type option to No Static Reply (use experience workflow to reply).

The configuration you have (render a static page and also trigger a workflow) allows users to quickly return static content and then use a workflow to do any other processing required for that request.

Thank you Brandon! Seems obvious now.