[Solved] Experience https certificate error



In google chrome on my company network i get a error about the https certificate.
The certificate is not trusted.


Could you post the contents of the “Details” tab of the certificate dialog?

We are using a certificate signed by the DigiCert SHA2 High Assurance Server CA root, which should be a recognized root CA.



See here.


So it looks like you are not actually getting our certificate - that is not the serial number (Seriernummer) of our certificate, nor is that the correct issuer (Verlener), nor is that the correct fingerprint (Vingerafdruk). Our current certificate serial number is ‘04E7C5B3A8CF051F92C160432CA3BF8E’, our certificate is issued by Digicert (not Fortinet), and our current certificate fingerprint is ‘BA2E844AD58F120D38F9BF19BBF85CE5099A6A5C’.

I don’t know what “Fortinet” is, but it looks like there is either some firewall tool or some malware between you and the internet intercepting communication and trying to provide its own ssl certificate so it can read the contents of the SSL channel. If you are at a company, I would reach out to your company’s IT department to try and figure out what is going on.

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I think it is the firewall!
thank you!


Now i have downloaded the not trusted root certificate and added this certificate to the trusted root certificate on my local machine.
It is just working now, so is was definitely the company’s firewall!


Great! Glad you were able to get it working.