[Solved] dashboardUrl "id" ... questions


How exactly do I determine the ID of a dashboard?

From the docs … {{dashboardUrl id queryParamKey1='queryParamValue1' ...}} : Creates a link to the dashboard at the given ID (defaults to the current dashboard) and adds the optional query parameters. To pass a nested object of parameters, such as for dashboard context, include the parameter as ctx=(obj key1=valueFromField key2="staticValue").

I’ve got a dashboard w/ a device list which I am trying to link to a second dashboard for device specific display. I thought I had the linked dashboard’s ID correct (from the browser URL), but clicking on the link lands me back into the device list dashboard (as if ignoring the ID I gave it and defaulting to itself).


Quotes required around ID! :grimacing:


Glad you figured it out - we will add a note in the documentation about this!