Context variables to pass parent and children Id (in dashboard)

Is there a way to use context variables to pass a device’s parent and children device Ids?

I’m trying to allow the user to select a SYSTEM on a dashboard map (several are shown). This will create a URL with context information for the next dashboard. The next dashboard receives information in order to show selected SYSTEM aggregate information and children (peripheral) information.

Right now, I’m able to dynamically send a GATEWAY ID and hardcode SYSTEM ID which allows me to show aggregate attributes (of the system) and create a device list that shows children attributes (using filter to select the children with parentId == {{ctx.gatwayId}}). I’d like to dynamically pass SYSTEM ID, ideally this would be included in “Include full device info in context” object.

single setup:
5 perhiperials --> 1 Gateway --> 1 system
my plan is to replicate this setup 10x

Hi @Ryan_Calderon,

Unfortunately, this functionality does not currently exist in dashboards and there is not a seamless work around (as you know!). However, this is an excellent request that would be quite useful, so I have created a Feature Request with our engineering team. I will also keep you updated on the progress of this request and let you know should it be released!

Please let me know if you have any further questions. :smile:

Thanks so much,