[Solved] Cant send command with a payload

I have setup a device and I send commands to this device with no payload no problem. However if i add a json payload to the command then nothing appears to be received at the device end. I am sending the command from the devices debug page. I have placed debug output in the “commandReceived” function and when I add a payload to my command this function appears not to trigger. Any ideas what might be stopping this command getting through or triggering the “commandReceived” function?

Without knowing what kind of device you’re using, seeing the payloads you’re sending, or the code running on your device, it’s hard to say for sure what the issue is. But my best guess is that the payloads you’re sending are too large. It’s an issue we’ve seen with a number of users.

Here’s a post detailing how to fix the issue. Please let us know if this was the problem!

Thanks I just shortened down the command to the bare minimum and that fixed it