Show the actual offense when a JSON error is committed

Please show the offending JSON when this message is displayed:

“Payload template did not render to valid JSON.”

For example, when trying get the chosen dropdown value from an INPUT dashboard block, quotes are needed around the mustache reference:

If you don’t have the double-quotes, you see a red rectangle and that message, but you don’t get to see the highly offensive JSON. Only after involving several people and wasting time, then someone realizes “Hey JSON parsers can be picky - I wonder if we need quotes.”

And then later, someone says this info is on the page ACCESSING PAYLOAD DATA / JSON TEMPLATES, but none of us read that in a long time. Why not also show the offending string and help us remember to reread that page.

It would help to put an example on the INPUT CONTROL help page too.


Hey @Bryan_Chase,

Thank you for pointing this out. I will create a Feature Request with our engineering team and follow up should this be selected for development in the future!

We are also planning an update to the JSON Templating documentation. When that rolls out, I’ll be sure to update you.