Serve React app on Losant

Hi Team,
Requesting your help in hosting a React App on Losant.
As per recommendation from the below link:

I have uploaded the build folder in Losant file via Losant-CLI.
Need your help in serving the build folder.


To serve a React app, it requires two steps:

  1. Compile the app into a single JS file and upload it to files. It looks like you’ve already done this.

  2. Copy the contents of your index.html file into an Experience Page and create an Experience Endpoint with the route set to GET /. The endpoint can use a static reply set to the index page. You’ll need to edit the contents of the page and change the <script> tag’s source to point to the compiled bundle in files. You can use the file helper to achieve this:

<script src="{{file bundle/index.js}}"></script>