Run loop iterations inside another loop running iterations in parallel causing Timeout running workflow


I’m trying to execute a loop inside another loop that is being executed in parallel, and in all executions there is a timeout in the workflow, however if I execute the external loop in series, the answer is obtained, as shown in the attached image. I believe that there is some strange behavior, because the parallel loop should also respond, since in series it was executed. To exemplify, I generated a workflow, simpler than the usage scenario I was testing, but which has the same behavior. If you can verify, if the same happens, and if it is an implementation problem, or some strange behavior of the loop node. OBS: In my test application, the external loop iterated to 31 devices, where each had approximately 75 tags.

debug-loop—test-develop.flow (10.1 KB)


I’m taking a look at this right now. Thank you very much for including a workflow!

I will follow up with you shortly as I learn more.

Thank you,

Hello @Vander_Maziero,

We are able to reproduce this error on our end and are working with our engineering team on a fix.

I will update you as soon as I learn more about this fix.

Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Thank you,

Hey @Heath,

Any update about this? Is there any provision to release a fix?

Thank you.

Hey @Vander_Maziero,

Yes! We are releasing a fix for this issue in our upcoming platform release.

I will be sure to reach out to you when this is released.