Retrieving the largest value from a data table in a workflow

Hi, so i have a question on retrieving a row from a data table. I have a workflow built to retrieve information from my API and insert it into the table. once the information is in the table, like this

How do i retrieve the row with the largest value, in this case, it would be the second row which has -70. If i use a get row, how do i filter it so that it gives me back the row with the largest value from this table?

Thanks in advance!

In the Table: Get Rows Node, you can sort by any column. In your example, you’ll want to sort by the RSSI column and set the direction to desc. This will put the row with the largest RSSI value as the first entry in the array of results.

You’ll also just want to leave the query blank if you want the largest value of all rows in the entire data table.

If you only want that single row returned, you can also set the Limit Template to 1.