Data table limits

i am using a free losant account

I’m writing data in a data table, but it started to show this message “Failed to create row!
Cannot add row/s - account over maximum allowed storage”

My data table did not reach the maximum size, it only has two lines, which I overwrite the oldest every 1 hour
if I try to write a new line, this error appears, but, for example, if I import an excel table, I can import without problems
what could have happened?

please, help :sob: :sob:

Hello @Jonatas_Liasch,

Are you seeing this error when you are trying to update a row in your data table? or simply trying to write a new row?

Are you using a workflow to update these rows? If so, would you be able to share a screenshot of that workflow?

I’d also love to learn a bit more about your use case. Could you tell me more about what problem you are solving currently?

Thank you,

Hi @Heath

when I update a line that already exists, the problem doesn’t happen,

the problem only happens when I try to write a new row, directly in the data table or through a workflow, the same problem happens.

what I need you to do is:
I get a value from an energy meter, this value is cumulative, but I need to show how much was measured in the last hour, so what I needed to do is take the current value and subtract the last value that was on the device, but I couldn’t do that directly in the workflow,

so the only way I managed to do this was to write a new row in the table and subtract the value that was recorded in the table, after doing this calculation I delete the oldest row so the table doesn’t get too big.

if there is any other way to do this, i would be very grateful

Thank you
Jonatas Liasch

api-fusion-develop.flow (24.0 KB)


I couldn’t do that directly in the workflow,

There is definitely a way for you to do this in your workflow!

The first option is to save this cumulative value as Device State. Then after you have received the new value, use a Gauge Query to get the last value, then a Math Node to do the subtraction.

Another option you have is to use Workflow Storage to store the previous value. Then using the Get Storage Node you can get the last value, then use the Math node to calculate the value. Follow that up with a Storage Set Node to then save the new value.

If you are also hoping to view this value on a dashboard, I would highly recommend that you use Device State. This will be the easiest way to leverage all the Dashboard blocks that are available.

Let me know if this is something that will work for you.

In the meantime, regarding the initial issue, I will dig in more with my team here. I will update you as I learn more.

Thank you,

Great idea, I hadn’t thought of this option, I’m going to test this change you suggested

Thank you very much