Retrieve value from slider

Hi There!

After a few days I have left this project and now I have taken it back.

"The reason you might not be seeing this data come to Losant is because you are printing the ref value and never returning it."

I think that I expressed myself incorrectly.
I do not want to see any value on Losant platform.
I only need to call the following Particle function from Losant dashboard using commands from Drop down selector and confirm the command with SET SELECTION button.
Again, I verified the function is operative using particle console.
Aparently I am loosing the link (settings) to call it from the workflow.


int selection (String command)

if(command =="RF1"){

 else if(command =="RF2"){

else if(command =="RF3"){
// And so on
else { Serial1.println(No data);}



It is something similar to this post :

But the answer doesn’t work for my case.

I just want to send the values RF1, RF2, RF3, RF4, RF5, RF6, RF7 as command arguments to call that function.
In order to do that I am using a drop-down selector called " SELECT" and a Button called " SET SELECTION"
I am attaching the corresponding pics to show the settings.

Thank for your help.