Request for format helper to support timezone formatting


There seems to be a few areas where the conflict between local time (viewed) vs UTC (used) leaks and causes confusion for end users

Advanced queries on data tables are expressed UTC, however the data returned is displayed in Local time.

When we export data (data tables) and or provide it via web hooks all data is in UTC, we don’t seem to have a mechanism to express this data in local time for the intended recipient.

Unfortunately the bulk of my users would like the data in CSV for use in excel however the date format is not conducive to Excel data formatting. So we need to use a workflow with a format helper {{format val formatStr}}

Then the user still has to do a timezone calc in Excel. I think a timezone capability in helpers would really close out a number of areas where I have to jump through a few hoops to make the data palatable for audience.

I found similar issues when you start using custom charts.