Hi team, as of Redis 6.2.0, (B)RPOPLPUSH is deprecated. The replacement is LMOVE & BLMOVE which provides a more flexible interface. Please assist in adding the new Redis commands to the Redis nodes.

Reference: RPOPLPUSH – Redis

We actually filed a ticket about this exact thing internally a couple days ago. Now that a user has come forward saying they need support for the new methods, we’ll prioritize it and try to get it done in our current release cycle. Thanks for letting us know.

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Sounds great Dylan, thanks!

On this topic…where is SCAN (and its variants)? The only way I really can inspect the db is to use KEYS…which is explicitly discouraged in production. My edge dbs are likely small enough that it won’t matter…but still, why the omission?

Good question. I ran it past the engineering team and they had this to say (summarizing …)

The traditional use of SCAN involves calling it once, which returns some records as well as a cursor identifier. You then call SCAN again, providing the cursor identifier from the previous call, to get the next set of results.

The problem is, this cursor is scoped to the Redis connection, and we cannot guarantee that we use the same connection instance from one node to the next – meaning the second SCAN call with the cursor provided may not work.

Interesting! Seems best to explicitly call the key you’re looking for and to use KEYS sparingly and only for maintenance purposes. Thanks!

Hey @Frederick_Loucks,

I wanted to follow up and let you know that LMOVE and BLMOVE have been added to the Redis Node with our latest Platform Release.

Thank you!

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Fantastic! Thanks Heath and team!