Redis node arguments


In our application we implemented a solution to present multi-language events to the user, and we store the texts by event categories in data tables. When the user makes an event query, we search for the texts referring to the event categories and according to the user’s language, and perform the substitution in the returned events.

However, we performed this search in the table, whenever the user searched for events (and we noticed that this search is not scalable, because the queries used end up getting very large, which affects the performance of the application).

To solve this, we decided to use REDIS as a cache, storing the texts, and in our scenario we thought of using the MGET command, fetching several keys in a single call (instead of using a GET in a loop to fetch one key at a time), aiming response time optimization.

However, to pass multiple arguments in a dynamic way, in the REDIS node (Ex.: MGET key1 key2 or MGET key1 key2 key3), where the number of arguments would be variable, it would be possible to pass an array of arguments in a single field, instead of having to pass each position in a node input, as in the attached image?

@Vander_Maziero that makes perfect sense. I will file a feature request to allow for passing arguments to the Redis Node as a payload path instead of as individual fields. Thanks for the suggestion.

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On the Redis node, when an exception occurs, either due to invalid credentials or unavailable service, the node crashes the workflow execution. In this case, in our application we would use an alternative service to continue running if Redis is down. However, as we use the Redis node inside a custom node, we can’t use the workflow error trigger to continue the execution, would there be any way to make the “Store HTTP Error At Payload Path” option available on the Redis node? as with the HTTP node, this would allow the flow to continue running even if an exception occurs, allowing to use an alternate service.


@Vander_Maziero, this is another great suggestion from you for the Redis Node. I will file a feature request for this now. Thank you for the suggestion!

Just wanted to give an update on this. With the most recent public platform update, the Redis Node now allows for passing query arguments as a payload path.

@Vander_Maziero I’ll follow up with you via DM regarding your organization’s implementation of this feature.